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 Interview Skills that Win the Job

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PostSubject: Interview Skills that Win the Job   Fri Jul 25, 2008 10:08 pm

Interview Skills that Win the Job

By M Spiropoulos

HR professionals and line managers are often the ones behind the table asking all the questions. Interview Skills that Win the Job: Simple techniques for answering all the tough questions is a guide for those on the other side of the table.

Author Michael Spiropoulos, who has worked in HR and recruitment for more than 10 years, provides advice for jobseekers on how to answer pretty much any interview question along with tips on body language, what to wear and how to conquer nerves. In Interview Skills that Win the Job, he covers a good number of areas such as skills, adaptability, building rapport and trust, initiative, cultural fit and motivation.

Interview Skills that Win the Job is a useful guide for not only jobseekers but HR and line managers with recruitment responsibilities. It can help such professionals in brushing up on their interview skills and reading both good and not-so-good candidates. Those with recruitment responsibilities should also be prepared for a number of questions from the candidate, and Spiropoulos provides advice on how to handle questions around remuneration, company performance and time to fill positions.

Overall, not a bad read for both candidates and those doing the hiring

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Interview Skills that Win the Job
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