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 Nokia Security Code Resetter

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PostSubject: Nokia Security Code Resetter   Tue Aug 19, 2008 8:08 am

Nokia Security Code Resetter

Nokia Security Code Resetter
Use this tool if you forgot your security code . Remember that this is not for cracking! Reset any Nokia security Code! All u need is the IMEI of the Nokia phone and this program.

How to use ?
1/ Open the proggy .
2/ Type your IMEI Code [Type *#06# in your phone]
3/ It gives you a code [Called Master Code]
4/ Use this code to change your security code [Means go to Menu > Setting > Security > Phone And Sim > Lock Code > Type the given code to change the forgotten Lock Code.


Zip Pass: www.downturk.info


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Nokia Security Code Resetter
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